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“Third album from the Finnish band that has redefined Goth Rock since its inception in 1996. Their sound is the same vein as Sisters of Mercy and the Mission (UK). Lead singer Ville Valo writes spiritual songs about friendship, trust and love. They are songs of longing – but they are delivered with attitude. For every moment of sorrow there’s always a mischievous smile, and a killer left hook to knock you out cold. That’s probably why the album is called “Deep Shadows and Brilliant Highlights” – a photography term used to describe those old black and whites of the likes of Greta Garbo. The album, too, is heavy on sharp contrasts. You can’t help but notice that the ‘love metal’ of HIM’s first two albums has turned into something significantly deeper, a scorching yin and yang concoction the band likes to refer to as ‘Scandinavian blues’. Ville hates the Beatles and Red Meat, but loves Gene Simmons and Edgar Allan Poe… those choices speak volumes.”  – from


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