Some guys simply need a small additional push-to boost hunger and vigor vigor and their sexual hunger. is quite common.

“You ever listen to a CD that made you dance around the apartment air-guitaring, even though you knew that though two of your roommates had gone away for the weekend, your third one was in his room with his girlfriend, early in the morning, having made some moaning sounds with her when you first started listening to the CD, and if they came out and spotted you, you’d merely hand them the album and say to them both, “You’ve gotta hear this!” 

The album starts hard with “Your Sweet Six Six Six” that calms down briefly for the verse lines, yet gets very doomy with the chorus.  Though the title and chorus might make it seem sinister, it’s more like both a celebration and cry against that damnable masochistic love that one can’t help but feel for an abusive, manipulative fiend.” – read indepth review by Mr. Huh?


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