I must say that Celtic Angel has been doing a great job with promoting HIM on Euro Rock Radio. This time she treats us to another interview with Ville Valo, where he will be giving us exclusive news about the new album. Here are all the juicy details…

posted by Celtic Angel:

“Euro-Rock Radio will be having HIM Night this coming Tuesday, June 9th (that’s tomorrow). Now if you’re not in the US please don’t kill me. The show starts at 8pm Eastern (that’s 7pm Central, 5pm Pacific, or 1am UK time). This is our normal show schedule, not a special Saturday early show like Heartagram Day was. I know that sucks for those in Europe but there’s not a whole lot I can do about it. Helsinki time that would be about 3 in the morning.
We have exclusive news on the upcoming new HIM album to give you and while I figured it would just be me reading you the info (cool enough on it’s own) I received an email today that made it ten times better. Ville would like to call into the show LIVE to talk about the new album!

So what if it’s 4 in the morning his time – he’s being a sweetheart and going to be on the phone with us anyway!
So do not miss this show! Tell your friends and be sure to tune in. Yes I will be recording it and yes I will post that recording the next morning for free download. I will post the actual news itself in a blog on our Myspace page directly after it’s announced on the show. But if you want to hear Ville live you’ve got to tune in!

Lots of ways to tune in: go to http://www.renegaderadio.net/community and listen from the embedded player (and be sure to join us in the chat room!), you can listen via iPhone/iPod Touch with the ShoutCast Radio app (just do a search in the app for RenegadeRadio.Net), you can listen directly from iTunes on your comp by going to the Radio stations > Rock > RenegadeRadio.Net and if none of those work for you just let me know and I’ll give you other links to the stream (winamp, quicktime, et).”




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1   villevaloslady    
October 23rd, 2009 at 4:35 pm

I love it! Ville is so freaking amazing! I can’t wait for Screamworks! HIM fan for life, Amanda


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