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This post has nothing to do with HIM… but it does have alot to do with fun! That’s why I wanted you to check it out. If your definition of fun doesn’t have anything to do with friends, music and lot’s of off key noise, then you don’t have to read this (you can go back to the HIM Library main page).

BUT if you do love music and fun then you probably love to sing . Well, if your a bit shy like me you probably wouldn’t dare stand up in front of a group of strangers at a karaoke bar… but at home with a bunch of crazy friends… you can just let your hair down and let the rock star out! My friends and I had a blast last week even if most of us couldn’t sing in key- atleast the neighbors didn’t complain! :D

So why am I telling you this? First of all because I’m sick at home and will be missing out on our weekly karaoke night… and secondly because if you do like karaoke then there’s a great site (where my friend gets our music) that has thousands of songs! Here it is.


The Karaoke Channel - Full Banner

Hope you like it and have fun!!!


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