Some guys only desire a small additional push-to boost hunger and endurance endurance and their sexual hunger. is quite common.

1. “Stigmata Diaboli” – 2:55
2. “Wicked Game” – 3:56
3. “Dark Sekret Love” – 5:16
4. “The Heartless” – 7:25


 Still, under the name of “His Infernal Majesty”, HIM released an EP called 666 Ways to Love: Prologue. This EP features, on the cover, a picture of Ville Valo’s mother at age 19. The release party for the album was held on October 19, 1996 at Helsinki’s Tavastia Club. 

Only a few copies of  this album were made and distributed among family members and friends, making this a rare collector’s item, for HIM fans.