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the video collection 1997-2003


HIM The Video Collection: 1997-2003 is a DVD compilation by Finnish band HIM, released in 2004 which features most of the music videos up until the And Love Said No: The Greatest Hits 1997-2004 compilation. Also featured is the making of “Buried Alive by Love” and “The Sacrament”. Includes some interviews, as well.



  1. “Buried Alive By Love”
  2. “The Funeral of Hearts”
  3. “The Sacrament”
  4. “Pretending”
  5. “In Joy and Sorrow”
  6. “Heartache Every Moment”
  7. “Right Here in My Arms”
  8. “Join Me in Death”
  9. “Poison Girl”
  10. “Gone With the Sin”
  11. “Wicked Game”
  12. “When Love and Death Embrace”
  13. The making of “Buried Alive By Love”
  14. The making of “The Sacrament”

Interrogation Footage (Interviews)


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