HIM’s logo is the heartagram.  The design is a combination of a heart and the five-pointed pentagram which is turned upside down and used in magic.  If the pentagram’s point is upward, its points are like hands and feet spread out, standing like a human being; God’s fundamental creation.  When the points are shown going downwards, the pentagram can signify a goat’s head whose ears and horns stick out to the sides.
“The design was done during a hangover on exactly the same day when I turned 20,” Ville tells.  The heartagram is more than the band.  It isn’t necessarily connected with music.  In a way, it has entirely other meanings.  The heartagram was given as the name of HIM’s home page at www.heartagram.com and it is tattooed on Ville, Juska and Kassu’s skin.  The world knows the design most notably through Bam Margera who also has the same tattoo, and the heartagram design is used as an ornament on his car.
“As for me, the heartagram gets used only as long as anyone on the outside isn’t stealing it.  It is distributed freely,” Ville says.  “If they wanted it as a logo, we would physically prove that it is owned by us on our records where it has always been.  The dispute certainly would end if they wanted it legally.

The heartagram’s use also became a small problem between me and one Finnish biker manufacturer taking the bikes to a small factory somewhere in Germany and trying to steal the design from us.  It was apparently attempted to be used as a trademark in Germany and they claimed that it was their property, but fortunately we knew by way of our connections there of this biker thing.  A few types have blatantly gone and manipulated it and its message a little, and their story doesn’t hold up.  After that, there isn’t a problem. 
If some day we sell heartagram jewelry and some of it secretly, perhaps it might be done.  It’s totally the same; sometime, two thousand years ago, some idiot would have nailed it to a cross and then sold jewelry, the same old boring type of cross.  How different is it?  The cross is still an awfully well-known symbol although those were times before they knew what a logo was.  And what if a friend used that trademark and got a profit?  If that was true, my dad would have much more money, but it isn’t any different.
It otherwise has been a hell of an amusing realization that the heartagram is clearly a subconsciously warped idea of the Mehilainen Hospital logo.  It looks like almost the same symbol.  Yes!  The heartagram is a combination of the private hospital Mehilainen and Anton LaVey!”

In SYNNIN VIEMAA – p. 31 (The Heartagram) – translated by and posted with permission of Lugene Chicks