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Radio Rock has posted a new interview with Migé, where he speaks about the new album. For those of you who understand Finnish, you can listen to the interview here. For those who don’t – below is an explanation of the interview.  

courtesy of Heartagram member “tuunaine”. Thankyou:)  


“ Here are some points Mige made during the interview:


- Preparations for the new album have progressed smoothly. It has been a lot of fun but also laborious and time-consuming. Mige said he is a little bit uncertain or nervous about it too, as always when something new is being created.

- Currently, the album is at the pre-production phase: the band is puzzling over questions like who would be the best producer, where the album should be recorded and how it should be recorded.

- Personally, Mige would like to become engaged with something new when working with this album. He would like to work in a new studio and with new people. He hopes that the new producer is – at least mentally – younger than any member of HIM.

- The band still has a couple of options in terms of the album’s producer and Ville is (or “was” as the interview was obviously canned) currently in the US meeting those guys. Mige said that some very interesting persons have been interested in the job.

- According to Mige, the choice of the studio is not a big deal. It all depends on the producer – where s/he wants to work in. All the studios have nowadays same sort of equipment (software) and it is possible to make a great record even in a garage.”

Note: as I said, I don’t understand finnish, so I can’t garanty that this ‘transcript’ is accurate, but I believe it is…so don’t kill the messenger!

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