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As you already know (and if you don’t – shame on you!) the music video for Heartkiller premiered yesterday on Myspace. While viewing the Heartkiller video discussion on the Heartagram boards about the possible meanings or symbolisms in the video, the possible ‘link’ between the lightening bolts and Frankenstein came up. My friend Nailedtoacross from the Crimson Gate mentioned that in fact, according the book Frankenstein by Mary Shelley “electricity gave life to the creature of dr.Viktor Frankenstein, bringing back to life the dead body parts assembled together to create it.”

I have to admit I can’t remember much about Frankenstein’s story except for the fact that he was green and had two bolts sticking out the sides of his neck. So I thinks it’s time to add another classic to my dusty book collection:)

If your curious about it too, you can preview or buy it here.


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