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HIM’s first single Heartkiller, taken from their forthcoming album Screamworks: Love in Theory and Practice, premiered today on the band’s myspace page. The long awaited single has brought out some mixed feelings amongst fans. But as HIM fans, we know there is one thing we can always expect from HIM … variety!  I don’t know about you but I get bored easily with the same old beat. Luckily, with Valo and his crew that never happens. Each album is in it’s own way unique and different from the previous. And every song within an album is also different (you know what I mean, don’t ya?)

So, what did I think of Heartkiller? Well…ummm….errrr. Catchy? Yes. Radio-friendly? Check. Shakes my butt? I’m shaking it at this moment!  Will it be a hit? I think so. Supposing I had never heard of HIM and listened to Heartkiller for the first time, would I like it? YES! Did I find it unique and breath-taking? No. BUT! In my opinion HIM’s unique sound lies within those songs that some how never make it to singles… so I’m definately buying the new album!

Did your sparks fly for Heartkiller?

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