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Welcome to the HIM Library!

Here you’ll find everything you’ve always wanted to know about HIM but were too afraid to ask ;)

Ok, seriously now. Do you know when you really love something and you feel like shouting it out to the world?! Well, let’s just say my friends won’t let me anywhere near their cd players anymore! So, I started this website as a means of sharing my musical tastes with “intelligent” like-minded people;) I also love to research so I’m trying to collect all the possible information there is about HIM.

I suppose you can call this site a sort of HIM database. I started it last year (2oo8) and decided to put it online today Aug. 27th 2009 (a note to myself just so I won’t forget the date)! I still haven’t finished updating it, so make sure you come back once in a while to check out new (or old)  info.

Hope you enjoy exploring the HIM Library as much as I enjoyed making it:)



Disclaimer: The Him Library is a fansite and is in no way associated or affiliated to HIM or You understand that this site is for entertainment purposes only and although I try to collect information from reliable sources, I can not garanty the veracity of  all  information posted here.

The photos on this website are not property of the HIM Library. They are property of the photographers and credit is given when known.  Photos are used solely for article reference and entertainment purposes. 

The HIM Library contains links to and from external sites and is not responsable for their content.

The HIM Libray is a non-commercial website.





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