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Brazilian reporter Mayra Dias Gomes has posted the following interview in her blog:

“About a month ago, shortly after returning from Vegas, I published on my column a summary of my latest conversation with H.I.M. front man Ville Valo.  You can easily find a scan of that online, as many of the H.I.M. fan sites posted it and translated it, but I cannot post the actual text which is owned my newspaper, Folha de São Paulo. Since I am fully aware of how passionate H.I.M. fans are, I promised to post the transcript of our conversation, which happened about thirty minutes before Ville went onstage.. .”  click here to read the full transcript

Source: Mayra on Facebook


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Brasilian writer Mayra Dias Gomes met up with Ville Valo in Vegas to interview the singer. Part of their conversation has been published in Folha de São Paulo in her column “On the Road”. Mayra has kindly shared the interview on her blog. For those of you who don’t read Portuguese, here is a translation of  Mayra’s article:

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