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This was how Ville Valo described(*) the album’s  genre on  yesterday’s  Euro Rock Radio interview hosted by CelticAngel. In an interview lasting a little over an hour, and followed by a chatroom (or 2) full of anxious and curious fans, Ville prefered to keep an aura of mystery around the new album, only revealing bits and pieces of information. Enough to keep the fans temporarily satisfied yet curious about the surprises that are to come (and it looks like we’ll be having a few in the very near future). If, on one hand, Ville wasn’t too revealing about the album, on the other hand he was very open when it came to answering the questions sent in by the fans. Some very interesting and amusing questions with answers that…well … you can hear for yourself here at Euro Rock Radio.

Poderão ler a tradução desta entrevista no site do HIM Brasil.

(*) I hope I haven’t misquoted him, if so please correct me:)



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Straight from the horse’s – or shall I say – the stallion’s mouth, from yesterday’s Euro rock radio’s interview, here is the exclusive news on HIM’s new album:

- HIM will start recording in August in LA.
- The producer is Matt Squire (who has also worked with Panic at the Disco and The Used, among others)
- The working album name is “Screamworks – Love in Theory and Practice”
- The tentative release date will be Valentine’s Day 2010
- The album may sound something like Right Here in My Arms/ Funeral of Hearts/ Wings of a Butterfly.
- They are aiming for 15 songs.

The interview is up for download here at Euro-Rock Radio. The transcript of the interview has also been posted. Now we all can rest our heads and sleep peacefully… or can we?!


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