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“Finnish “love metal” band HIM are finally back with their 7th studio album, Screamworks: Love in Theory and Practice. The album has a due date of February 9th, 2010 here in the states, but let me tell you that it’s probably in your best interest to start preparing now as this is easily the band’s best work in quite some time.

Beginning with the near pop punk intro chords of “In Venere Veritas,” we quickly find HIM to not only be back on the scene, but with more energy than we’ve seen from them in quite awhile. Ville Valo comes across early as Matt Skiba did during the Good Mourning years of Alk Trio with his emotion-drained vocals and borderline graphic storytelling that is only amplified by the near perfected instrumentation of tracks like the late 80’s goth rock jam “Scared to Death” or the much progressive [and lead single], “Heartkiller.” The band swings in and out of rock subgenres with flawless progression that truly displays just how versatile they’ve become over the past 7 albums…” read full review from Under the Gun

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