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“The forcing of a release, before the musical and non-musical aspects of the product are complete, results in poor sales as a consequence. The music industry must realize that most people buy records because they are emotionally or artistically engaged by them and album cover art plays an important part in formulating this response.” (Adrian Shaughnessy)
“HIM was able to create a focused image cover which says in one symbol and two words what their music is about.” (Teppo Hudson)

The other day, while browsing the internet I came  across a very interesting research project called Significance of Album Cover Art as a Branding Tool – Case Study: ‘HIM’ by Teppo Hudson. As the title suggests, he examins the significance of album cover art as a branding tool within the context of a changing music industry environment. According to this Entrepreneur and Visual Artist, HIM was chosen as the case study because “the band has a strong identity in it’s art…(pg23)”. (We can certainly agree with that). The document is a very indepth analysis and may be somewhat of a long read for those of you who don’t have a taste for marketing, but the journey into the meaning and symbology of HIM’s album cover art is well worth the read. For those of you who just want to go straight to the Cover Art analysis, jump to page 32… yet I do recommend taking a look at the whole document:) Read:Significance of Album Cover Art as a Branding Tool by Teppo Hudson


A special thanks to Teppo Hudson for allowing me to post his work in the HIM Library.

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