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In the September issue of  Brazilian Magazine Roadie Crew, there’s a 3 page article on HIM, written by Ricardo Campos who interviewed Ville Valo this summer in Helsinki. According to Ricardo he “had the opportunity to speak quietly to Ville, on a sunny Finnish summer day and address issues such as the heavy sound of their last album Venus Doom, of Digital Versatile Doom, the tenth anniversary of the cult album Razorblade Romance, and of course their new studio album, scheduled for next year. With much sense of humor and friendliness, the singer and composer was explicit in his answers and revealed alot of information that will certainly be of great value to his fans.”

For more information and a snapshot of the 3 page article, click here and select “him” from the top right of the page.

UPDATE! I contacted Ricardo Campos (who, by the way, turns out to be a very cool guy)  about the possibility of sending the magazine to other countries outside of Brazil. Along with the information, he also allowed to pass on his twitter page if anyone wishes to contact him. Check out his band blog here where he also mentions his trip to Helsinki and his meeting with Ville Valo.

If you wish to buy the magazine, you can contact Maria José at for information about shipping.

Edit: after reading my most recent post, I remembered that I had forgotten to mention my source! Though I mentioned on other sites where I heard about this article, I did forget to mention it here – go ahead, slap me! I have to thank HIM Brasil for pointing me to this magazine through twitter.


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